Feel color and texture

like never before.

Our designers know how to start with professional design services including floor plans showing furniture layouts

Three-dimensional color perspectives of your finished interior

Material boards showing a palette of color and textures to see how your space holds together

On site direction of the subtle refinements

Fabulous cabinet design, shop drawings, and construction services detailing kitchens inside and outside the box

Traditional and modern hardware including final and complete orders from Rocky Mountain, FSB, and others

Intriguing showroom with one of a kind furnishings from Mohr and McPherson, Brimfield antique dealers and elsewhere

Neutral backgrounds, splashes of color, upholstery and window treatments our decorators know how to finish

Kristen Ellsworth

Chief Designer

“If it’s successful, design excites, sings, and settles the soul” – Suzanne Goin
Peter Breese
Kristen Bender
Darran Ruebens

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Martha’s Vineyard


Behind the Scenes
Tip of the Week

Freshen your space for Spring!

You’re thinking winter has been way too long and you are dreaming of better days ahead with warm sunshine and green coming back into your life.

Senses have a profound effect on your mood, so go out and buy some flowers from your local shop (Our favorite place on island is Studio Shop in Oak Bluffs).  Certain flowers such as lilacs, peonies, hyacinths, irises, are associated with Spring, spreading them in different vases around the house infuse your home with new fresh energy. Also adding supplementary colorful accessories such as pillows, books, candles, and little trinkets adds a sense of warmth and a spark of your own personality.

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